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International mentoring program fosters employee growth

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中原石油工程公司:跨国“传帮带” 雇员成长快



Sinopec Service Zhongyuan has always been focusing on the localization, especially valuing local employees' career development. The company often assigns excellent employees to new overseas projects to help local employees to improve the professional skills.



Eltigani Mohamed Nour has been working in Sinopec for 17 years, and is very skilled in cementing process. In October, the company assigned him to a Chad project for work, to mentor the local employees and help them fit in with the company culture as soon as possible.

雇员Eltigani Mohamed Nour,已在该公司海外市场固井队工作17年,对固井工艺非常娴熟。10月份,公司派他前往乍得工作,希望他能起到良好的传帮带及桥梁纽带作用。


In Chad, Eltigani is always the first one to arrive at the morning meeting. He conducts training for local employees on slurry mixing, transferring and wellhead tools maintenance, explaining operational safety precautions to them.



Eltiyani demonstrated to the employees how to perform a cementing transfer operation. He connected the pipelines together with them and corrected their wrong positioning in time to prevent damage. After completing the cement transfer, he asked his employees to lift the pipeline and put it on the impervious cloth. Then he put all the residual cement in the pipeline into an empty plastic barrel, and cleaned the remaining cement from the impervious cloth to avoid pollution to environment. He has set a good example for the local employees by strictly following the operation rules, conveying the company's idea of safety and environmental protection.



With the guidance of Eltigani, Chad employees have grown rapidly to become builders and beneficiaries of the "One Belt and One Road".(Written by Zhang Wenchao, Yang Hongsu, Shao Guanghui. Translated by Shaoruijuan, Wang Wen)

在Eltigani的帮助下,乍得当地雇员快速成长,成为“一带一路”的建设者和受益者。(文图/张文超 杨红苏 邵光辉  翻译/邵瑞娟 王文)





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